Destiny Inc. Typhoon Haiyan Blog

Like everyone else we were in shock at the severity of the winds and the destruction and loss of life caused by Typhoon Haiyan.

As our school sponsorship and feeding programs are held in Ormoc and Maasin on the island of Leyte, which was severely hit, we like many others waited anxiously for news. With no electricity and lack of communication it took a few days to get word.

In Maasin we heard from Ps Ronel and Naneth that their 3 children and all the 30 sponsored children there were safe. This was a great relief. Maasin did not experience a direct hit from the typhoon but they are in need of food, and electricity won’t be restored for some time.

Ormoc, right in the path of the typhoon was a different story. It took another couple of days to receive news from Ps Erly and Rona. Praise God there was no loss of life which was our greatest concern, the damage though has been extensive. The community centre lost its roof and needs considerable repairs. Ps Erly’s house was badly damaged as was our builder Joey and Fayet’s house.

In Badlas, Ipil, Lawis and Macabug where we hold feeding programs the majority of houses have been flattened and most families are homeless. A lot of families are living in our damaged community centre, we are feeding them and providing shelter.

Our leaders in Leyte are doing a great job in difficult circumstances. The main need at present is for food, shelter and medicines. Ongoing we will need to look at rebuilding. This will be a big process but we are committed to helping and supporting in the long term. Our hearts are with our people there and we hope to be with them as soon as we can.

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. As you can understand the initial cost of feeding, shelter and then rebuilding will be considerable. Please consider making a donation to Bank SA BSB 105=001 Account No. 134984340. Thank you.