Our History

The start of DestinyInc

We realised straight away that sometimes the help that God wants to give people is not always miraculous but sometimes, indeed often, of the most practical kind. He uses us to help others who are suffering, and from those early days we put up our hands saying we want all you have for us but also to say here we are God, if we can help others we are available to serve for no other reason other than love for others and for Him who so freely gave himself to us. It was at Klemzig AOG, newly saved we were given a personal prophecy that we were going to be overseas missionaries, but my reaction was Yeh right, like that’s going to happen. I said there is no way, I am not going anywhere until my children are grown up and have left home.
The day we were given that prophecy I now know God put in our hands our mustard seed and its name was Destiny Inc., and our mission field would commence in the Philippines, we just did not know this at the time, all that was in front of us to discover as we followed him.
We realised this prophecy was true when after we had been on our first missionary trip that it was about 3 months after our last child left home, God had heard my incredulous statement and honoured it as a prayer, he simply figured we were now available and sent us forth, but more about that later.
There was a song that so caught our heart during this very early part of our walk with Jesus and it really summed up how we both felt personally about Jesus and our new life in him.
It has stayed with me through the years but back then I would constantly sing it through my days, and I realised it had become the prayer of mine and Roy’s heart, and it still is. Though it does not say what Destiny Inc.’s mission is, it does explain why we have spent the years of our lives for God in the ministry he has day by day led us into. It is the theme song of my heart and of our ministry.

God forgave my sins in Jesus name
I’ve been forgiven in Jesus name
And in Jesus name I come to you
To share the love as he told me to
He said freely, freely you have received
Freely, freely give
Go in my name and because you believe
Others will know that I live

This song comes from Jesus words to his disciples in the Bible.
Mathew 10 / 7-8 And as you go, preach, saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out devils: freely you have received, freely give.
(Extract From Mustard seed to Mustard tree)