Our Vision



Destiny Inc. believes that Every Child has a right to be educated and equipped for life. Our school sponsorship programs in India and the Philippines enable children to have hope for the future as education is vital to enable children to escape from poverty. Our sponsorship programs provide school uniforms, books, shoes, school supplies, school bag and money for projects and fees. This not only benefits the child but the family and the community.


Nutritious food is vital to enable children to flourish and grow. The effects of malnutrition not only on the body but the mind stunts growth and leaves children feeling left behind. Our feeding centres in the Philippines, India and Australia provide food to the children and families but also is a fun time as they sing songs and feel welcome and important.


Our first Destiny Centre will be in Adelaide . It will be a hub for the community offering counseling, food, to chat and feel welcome, good quality cheap clothes, play groups, a place for Practical and Spiritual help.

Roy & Sue have previously ran successful Divorce Care Courses in Adelaide which have helped many people through this difficult period in their life.

Roy, Sue and Mark have also facilitated courses in helping people deal with life controlling problems, how to identify the cause and how to bring hope and freedom.

They were also were involved in establishing and running a Teen Challenge drop in centre in the Adelaide CBD feeding, counselling and sheltering the homeless

The Destiny Centre would be a place where Divorce care, drug and alcoholic counselling, youth counselling and help would be available. It would also be a building with an office and counselling rooms.

We are very excited to be able to help people in need within Australia to bring them a better life.  We currently have Doctors and Trained Counsellors who have already offered to help.

You are able to assist these projects also, by donating for:

  • Leasing, renting and upkeep of building
  • Employ trained counsellors
  • Employ security staff
  • Food and medical supplies
  • Office Equipment
  • Furniture (beds, cupboards, desks, chairs,couches,tables)
  • Access to doctors and nurses for check ups and help as need arises



Destiny Centres to be built in each capital city beginning in Adelaide with our first centre set to launch towards the end of 2017. These centres will be a place where Destiny Inc. can provide practical and spiritual help in a safe protective environment. We hope to provide counseling, budget advice, play groups etc. and be a help and support to the community.


We currently have 20 children sponsored through school as well as providing feeding programs and practical help. Destiny Inc. has partnered with Vanitashray and helped to build a school and toilets for the community. Destiny Inc. would look for further opportunities to expand in this enormously needy country


Our goal is to build a clinic with a local doctor to help expectant mothers where the rate of infant deaths through lack of nutrition and basic medicines is so high. Further details to come


We are helping to support a young family in Bangladesh who are reaching out to students with the love of God and practical helps.  A feeding program has commenced in a poor area of Bangladesh where their is a great need of both practical and spiritual help.


Destiny Inc.  has worked mostly in the Island of Leyte but also has a presence on the Island of Cebu where we provide school sponsorship, feeding programs, building of houses for needy families, help for expectant mothers and medical supplies and operations for the poor. Destiny Inc. has 176 children in school, helped 5 through college and is feeding 7200 children a month as well as building 57 houses. We have established Destiny Centres in Ormoc, Maasin and Tacloban.


Through a partner in Kenya, Destiny Inc. is helping to facilitate the providing of funds from Australia for school sponsorship and feeding programs and building of school building for orphans and needy children in Kenya


Through a partner in Uganda, Destiny Inc. is also helping to facilitate the providing of funds from Australia for school sponsorship and feeding programs and building of school building for orphans and needy children in a remote part of Uganda. Destiny Inc. also runs a feeding program in another area of Uganda with a local church leader.